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That was the announcement heard across the world from former President Trump and his son Eric Trump. In just a little over a month, the LandLocked team and all vendors involved came together with great speed and precision to repaint the Trump N757AF. This plane is known very well in the United States because this is the plane that former President Donald Trump used while campaigning for the presidency back in 2016. Since we released the video of the paint job being redone, there has been a lot of speculation about whether he's getting it ready to travel again for the 2024 election. We're not sure what his intentions are, but we are very proud that the former president chose our team here at LandLocked Aviation Services to put a fresh coat of paint on her to get her ready for whatever the future holds. Articles available to read:

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I was in the yacht refinishing business and know how difficult it is to paint large objects of value. You do beautiful work.

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